1U Management 4-channel SFP+ to SFP+ OEO Converter Card

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  • Parameter


    Center wavelength

    Compliance with ITU-I standard

    Data Rate

    FC: 8.5Gbps /10G

    SONET OC-192, STM-64 (9.953Gbps)

    10G WAN (10Gbps)10G LAN (10.31Gbps)

    10G POS

    Optical interface type

    XFP to XFP




    OEO Converter Card

    26.5(W)× 195(H)× 252(D)

    1U Chassis


    6U Chassis


    Power Consumption


  • STC8000 is an optical-electric-optical converter for transparent optical transport solution based on CWDM/DWDM technology. It regenerates optical signals with reshaping, retiming, reamplify function to realize the amplification and wavelength conversion. It is a cost-effective high-quality management system when plugged in 1U/6U chassis to implement device configuration, control and maintenance easily.

    • Up to 4 data channels (with 8 SFP+ fiber modules)
    • Support 3R (Reshaping, Retiming, Reamplify) function
    • Support wavelength tunable optical module
    • Support Client or Line side loopback
    • Support LFP(link fault pass through)
    • Support SNMP-based network management
    • Support CLI, web, telnet and NMS(network management system)
    • Graded management mode (common user, super user or administrator)
    • STC8000 1U/6U chassis compatibility

    Wide range of applications:

    -Signal repeating

    -Wavelength Conversion


    -Wide data rate of 8.5G~11.3Gbps support:


    -10G SONET/SDH

    -8/10Gbps Fiber Channel

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