TAWG (Thermal Arrayed Waveguide Grating)

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  • This component is designed for use within the C -band release of DWDM system. TAWG (Thermal Arrayed Waveguide Grating) device uses thermal-type thermal arrayed waveguide grating module with a unique package design is based on a silicon substrate planar waveguide optical path (PLC) grating technology, the key modules, reduce power consumption, the Ad Hoc Working Group kit, use reliable thermal plastic , low thermal conductivity and precise working temperature control, accurate channel coupling, low insertion loss, high channel isolation and high stability.
    • Channel spacing 100GHZ (0.8 nm) up to 48 channels can be multiplexed;
    • Low insertion loss, insertion loss ≤5dB, typically 4.5dB
    • High channel isolation, adjacent isolation ≥25dB; non-adjacent isolation ≥35dB
    • High stability, dual hot-swappable power supply, 1 +1 protection;
    • Perfect indicator status;
    • Powerful network management capabilities to support SNMP, Web, telnet network management, network management GUI-based graphical interface, friendly interface

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