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What and where to use 25G SFP28 Optical Transceivers and Cables?

What is SFP28 transceiver? What and where to use 25G SFP28 Optical Transceivers and Cables? SFP28 stands for Small Form-Factor Pluggable 28. It is the third generation of the SFP interconnect systems designed for 25G performance per the IEEE 802.3by…

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The difference between CPRI and eCPRI used in 5G

This page compares CPRI vs eCPRI and describes difference between CPRI vs eCPRI. The interface CPRI is used in legacy systems where as eCPRI is used in 5G wireless technology.   Introduction:  • CPRI defines key interface specification between REC (Radio Equipment Control) and RE (Radio Equipment) of radio base stations used for…

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THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MPO AND MTP® What is an MPO connector? MPO is the industry acronym for “multi-fibre push on.”  It was developed to provide a multi fibre connectivity in one connector to support higher bandwidth and higher density applications. …

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What are SFP Transceivers?

 What are SFP Transceivers? SFP is a small-scale form-factor pluggable transceiver that provides connectivity between a networking device and a cable. These compact, hot-swappable transceivers are widely used in data communication and networking. An important feature of SFP over other…

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Optical Solutions & Modules

We know there are demand and customers always look for affordable options for 10 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity for their data center, resourcefulness wiring cabinet, and service provider transport. The Cisco 10GBASE SFP+ Modules offer exactly that. Features include the smallest 10G…

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10G DWDM Tunable SFP+

What are tunable optical transceivers and why use them? - 10G DWDM Tunable SFP+ With the increasing demand for high traffic capacity, optical with different wavelengths are being widely used within the telecommunications industry. Tunable optical transceivers are a kind…

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