25G SFP28 100M SR

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25G SFP28 100M SR Optical Transceiver Module

Product Overview:

The 25G SFP28 100M SR Optical Transceiver Module is engineered for high-speed, short-range data communication and interconnect applications. It’s an ideal solution for data centers, enterprise networks, and high-performance computing environments where rapid data transfer is essential.

Key Features:

  1. High-Speed Data Transmission: Offers a robust data transfer rate of 25 Gbps, ideal for high-throughput applications and swift data movement within modern IT environments.
  2. Short-Range Connectivity: Designed for distances up to 100 meters, making it perfect for intra-data center connections, server-to-server networking, and storage area networks.
  3. Multimode Fiber Support: Utilizes multimode fiber (MMF) technology, ensuring high-speed data transmission over short distances with lower cost and flexibility.
  4. SFP28 Interface: Features the Small Form-Factor Pluggable 28 (SFP28) interface, providing enhanced density, speed, and scalability while maintaining backward compatibility with 10G SFP+ ports.
  5. 850nm VCSEL Laser: Equipped with an 850nm Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL), offering efficient and reliable performance for short-range applications.


  • Data center networking including top-of-rack switching and server aggregation
  • High-performance computing clusters
  • Enterprise networking for high-speed data transfer and aggregation
  • Storage area networks (SAN) requiring fast access to storage resources

Technical Specifications:

  • Data Rate: 25 Gbps
  • Reach: Up to 100 meters
  • Connector Type: LC Duplex
  • Fiber Type: Multimode (OM3/OM4)
  • Form Factor: SFP28
  • Wavelength: 850nm
  • Power Consumption: Low power operation
  • Standards Compliance: IEEE 802.3by and SFP28 MSA

Ordering Information:

For detailed information on the 25G SFP28 100M SR Optical Transceiver Module, including pricing and bulk order discounts, please contact our sales department or visit our online store.

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