400G PAM4 QSFP-DD DAC Cable 1M

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  • 400G Passive DAC OSFP to OSFP CableProduct Overview:The 400G Passive Direct Attach Copper (DAC) OSFP to OSFP Cable is a state-of-the-art connectivity solution designed for the most demanding high-bandwidth environments. It is tailored to meet the needs of data centers and high-performance computing networks where speed, reliability, and cost efficiency are paramount. This cable facilitates a robust 400 Gigabit Ethernet connection, utilizing the latest OSFP (Octal Small Form-factor Pluggable) interface.

    Key Features:

    1. Ultra-High-Speed Data Transfer: Capable of handling data rates up to 400 Gbps, making it suitable for next-generation data centers and high-throughput computing environments.
    2. Passive Copper Technology: Employs premium quality copper wiring for reliable, high-speed data transmission over short distances, generally up to 7 meters.
    3. Energy Efficiency: The passive copper design ensures lower power consumption compared to active cables or optical modules, contributing to energy savings in data center operations.
    4. Plug-and-Play Functionality: The OSFP to OSFP cable is designed for ease of installation, offering a straightforward, plug-and-play setup without the need for external transceivers or power supplies.
    5. Durability and Reliability: Constructed with robust materials, this cable is built to withstand the rigors of intense data center environments, ensuring continuous performance and longevity.
    6. Cost-Effective Networking Solution: Provides a more economical option for intra-rack and inter-rack connections in data centers, reducing overall network expenditure.
    7. Broad Compatibility: Conforms to the OSFP MSA and IEEE 802.3bs standards, guaranteeing compatibility with a diverse range of networking equipment featuring OSFP interfaces.


    • Suited for ultra-high-speed interconnects within large data centers, facilitating efficient connections between servers, switches, and storage devices.
    • Appropriate for dense networking environments where space and power efficiency are critical.
    • Utilized in top-of-rack and end-of-row networking setups in modern, high-capacity data centers.
    • Deployed in enterprise networks and storage area networks (SANs) requiring high bandwidth and low latency connections.


    • Cable Type: Passive Direct Attach Copper (DAC)
    • Data Rate: 400 Gbps
    • Connector Type: OSFP to OSFP
    • Maximum Cable Length: Typically available up to 7 meters

    The 400G Passive DAC OSFP to OSFP Cable is an exceptional choice for network architects and IT professionals looking for a robust, high-bandwidth, and cost-effective solution for advanced data center networking requirements.

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