OLP Optical Line Protector Card Optical Power Monitoring and Automatic Switching


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  • OLP-Optical Line Protection is a product that is used in the protection of network transmission line, the product can realize optical power monitoring and automatic switching. In optical communication network, OLP real-time monitoring optical power of working optical fiber and standby optical fiber. When the optical power value of working optical fiber is below the set switching threshold, the system raise the alarm prompt and switches to standby fiber automatically, which achieve line protection of optical transmission system.

    Multi-wavelength OLP-EDFA integrates EDFA amplification, OSC multi-rate adaptive regeneration technology, can achieve line transmission signal amplification and OSC signal regeneration, so as to solve the problem of excessive line loss.

  • – Low noise figure- Low noise figure

    – Multiple gain options- Supports OSC signal amplification

    – High integration- Low insertion loss- Business non-invasive switch

    – Transparent transmission characteristics

    – Reduce the loss caused by line fault

    – Increase the reliability of the transmission network, improve network quality

    – High level of integration by plug-in design, which saves space of cabinet

    – Expansion is very convenient

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