200G QSFP56 DAC 3M

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  • 200G QSFP56 DAC Cable

    Product Overview:

    The 200G QSFP56 Direct Attach Copper (DAC) Cable is engineered to address the escalating demand for higher bandwidth in data centers, high-performance computing environments, and enterprise networks. This cable is specifically designed to facilitate 200 Gigabit Ethernet connections, offering a high-speed, cost-effective alternative to optical transceivers for short-distance applications.

    Key Features:

    1. High-Speed Data Transfer: Capable of supporting data rates up to 200 Gbps, making it ideal for next-generation high-speed computing and storage networks.
    2. Direct Attach Copper Technology: Utilizes high-quality copper cabling to provide reliable connectivity over short distances, typically up to 5 meters.
    3. Energy Efficient: The DAC technology ensures lower power consumption compared to optical cables, contributing to a more energy-efficient network infrastructure.
    4. Plug-and-Play Simplicity: Designed for easy installation, the QSFP56 DAC cable can be directly plugged into compatible devices without the need for separate transceivers or additional power sources.
    5. Robust Design: Built with durability in mind, the cable is constructed to withstand rigorous data center environments, ensuring a long lifespan and stable performance.
    6. Cost-Effective Solution: Offers a more economical option for short-range connections, reducing the total cost of ownership for network deployments.
    7. Widespread Compatibility: Compliant with the QSFP56 MSA and IEEE 802.3cd standards, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of networking hardware.


    • Ideal for high-density, high-speed interconnects within data centers, facilitating efficient server-to-server, switch-to-switch, and switch-to-storage networking.
    • Suitable for top-of-rack (ToR) or end-of-row (EoR) network architectures in modern data centers.
    • Use in HPC clusters where high bandwidth and low latency are critical.
    • Short-range links in storage area networks (SAN) and network-attached storage (NAS) systems.


    • Cable Type: Direct Attach Copper (DAC)
    • Data Rate: 200 Gbps
    • Connector Type: QSFP56
    • Cable Length: Available in various lengths, typically up to 5 meters

    The 200G QSFP56 DAC Cable is an excellent choice for network administrators and IT professionals seeking a high-performance, reliable, and cost-efficient solution for their ultra-high-speed networking needs.

  • Connector Type QSFP56 to QSFP56 Max Data Rate 200Gbps
    Minimum Bend Radius 35mm Wire AWG 28AWG
    Cable Length 3m (9.84ft) Jacket Material PVC (OFNR)
    Temperature Range 0 to 70°C (32 to 158°F)

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