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  • System parameters

    Technical indicators

    Management mode

    SNMP/Web/Telnet/ console

    Topology management,

    graphical management interface,

    CLI management

    Management access

    1x RS-232

    4x 10/100Base-TX

    2x100Base-FX SFP

    1x E1

    Management features

    Fault Management

    Performance Management

    Security Management

    Configuration Management

    Event Management

    Log Management

    Alarm Management

    Topology management

    User Management


    OTU Module

    26.5(W)× 195(H)× 252(D)

    8-slot chassis


    16-slot chassis



    Operating Temperature

    -10℃ ~ 60℃

    Storage Temperature

    -40℃ ~ 80℃

    Relative humidity

    5% ~ 95% Non-condensing

    Power Consumption


  • Network Management Card is installable in the ST8000 Optical Transport Systems.

    It performs monitoring and control of the ST8000 chassis and modules. The Management module is a multiport Ethernet Switch Router functioning as an SNMP agent and reporting to a central NMS. Accordingly, the management module can be remotely accessed by any SNMP NMS either in-band or out-of-band in a switched or routed topology.

    With its Linux-based system software and state-of-the-art hardware design, the management module provides many advanced features and delivers an exceptional level of performance, including extensive setup and control of the full range of ST8000 products

    Realistic simulation of the actual network topology of the whole network, real-time reflection of the whole network running, the whole network running at a glance

    Device panel view, the view interfaces, LED lights, and other information with the device actually consistent view of the panel, easy management, device status at a glance.

    Supports manual and automatic topology discovery topology rendering, and can be modified topology attribute

    Support electronic map downloads Multiple front panel ports for management access One RS-232 port provides local out-of-band serial access

    Four 10/100Base-TX management interface port with auto-negotiation and auto MDI/MDIX – easy integration into existing Ethernet networks, provide in-band access remotely from any network workstation.

    Dual 100Base-FX SFP-based interfaces – easy integration into ‘gray’ or CWDM/DWDM optical networks, able to direct East-West WDM ringOSC ,provide in-band access remotely from any network workstation.

    One E1 management interface port – easy integration into existing PDH/SDH networks, provide in-band access remotely from any network workstation.

    Extensive management features

    ST8000 chassis, module, and port management

    Secure end-to-end network management

    Installed module types ,Link status,

    Optical performance monitoring (including OSNR monitoring )

    Fully supports Digital Diagnostics information

    Monitors the devices’ operating temperature, power supply status, fan status

    Remote laser shutoff and remote module reset

    Enables loop-back functionality for troubleshooting

    Configuration of data rate and wavelength selection as well as other module

    specific parameter settings.

    SNMP traps Settings,

    Syslog – automatic logging of system events

    Editable ASCII configuration files – easily create, edit,and save configuration settings

    System configuration TFTP upload and download – save configurations on remote servers for easy retrieval and restoration

    Remote configuration and software maintenance – System configuration FTP upload/download with easy- to-use editable ASCII configuration files

    • Advanced Optical Service Channel (OSC) protocol fast and reliable link failover protection
    • Point-to-point (P2P)
    • WDM ring
    • SFP interfaces Single-span support 40dB loss
    • Cluster Discovery Protocol – access every shelf in a WDM cluster from any shelf without the need for a static network map or address table
    • Alarm Management
    • The current alarm query and display
    • Historical alarm information query and display
    • Alarm reporting shield
    • Alarm Display Filter
    • Alarm acknowledgment
    • Alarm Severity Table Management
    • Voice alarms, e-mail alerts, SMS alerts
    • Mobile Client Management


    • Linux operating system, open source advanced management methods
    • High-security management environment Multiple users can concurrently access, without compromising overall security.
    • Support online upgrade, Future module upgrades are installed easily through remote firmware and programmable logic microcode downloads.

    Multiple management modes

    SNMPv1,SNMPv2,Web,Telnet Etc. secure remote in-band management mode

    • Out-of-band CLI management
    • Graphical User Interface (GUI) management
    • Complete Java-based embedded management GUI
    • Fully graphical interface management
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