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400G-QSFP-SR8-100M Optical Transceiver ModuleProduct Overview:The 400G-QSFP-SR8-100M Optical Transceiver Module is designed for ultra-high-speed data transmission applications, perfectly suited for next-generation data centers and high-performance computing networks. This module is an integral component in rapidly evolving network environments, delivering unmatched data throughput and efficiency.Key Features:

  1. High Data Rate Performance: Supports 400 Gbps data rate, making it ideal for high-bandwidth applications such as cloud computing, large-scale data centers, and high-performance computing networks.
  2. Short-Range Connectivity: Optimized for short-range data communication up to 100 meters, perfect for intra-data center connections.
  3. MPO-16 Connector Interface: Utilizes a high-density MPO-16 connector, ensuring high-speed connectivity and rapid data transmission over multimode fiber.
  4. Eight Parallel Channels: Features eight parallel channels, each operating at 50 Gbps with PAM4 modulation, providing an aggregated bandwidth of 400 Gbps.
  5. Low Power Consumption: Designed with energy efficiency in mind, reducing operational costs and contributing to eco-friendly network operations.
  6. QSFP-DD Form Factor: The QSFP-DD (Quad Small Form Factor Pluggable-Double Density) form factor ensures high port density and is backward compatible with existing QSFP ports.


  • High-density data centers requiring massive data throughput
  • Cloud storage networks and high-performance computing clusters
  • Backbone and core networking infrastructures
  • Ethernet and InfiniBand applications requiring high bandwidth

Technical Specifications:

  • Data Rate: 400 Gbps
  • Maximum Reach: 100 meters
  • Connector Type: MPO-16
  • Fiber Type: Multimode
  • Form Factor: QSFP-DD (Double Density QSFP)
  • Wavelength: SR (Short Range)
  • Power Consumption: Low power design
  • Compliance: IEEE 802.3bs, QSFP-DD MSA compliant

Ordering Information:

For detailed information and to place an order for the 400G-QSFP-SR8-100M Optical Transceiver Module, please contact our sales team or visit our website for specifications and pricing.

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